Proudly Announce You’re A Curd-Nerd

By on 25/03/2012

Recently I was on the hunt for a new apron for my Cheese Making. I don’t like using my general cooking Apron for my cheese making, just in case ….

I found plenty of various styles out and about in the stores and online, but a lot of them were excessively (and in many cases hideously) patterned and I wanted something that was stylishly simple and good quality.

After a hunt around that left me with nothing I really liked, I had an idea. Why not create a custom Curd-Nerd Apron, in the style that I was looking for?

And then I thought, maybe others might like a to wear a Curd-Nerd Apron too?

And so, after plenty of research and a bit of a play with the Curd-Nerd logo so that it would transfer well to apparel, I came up with an apron especially for home cheese makers.

The “Curd-Nerd At Work” Home Cheese Making Apron

Cheese Salt
But, because not everyone will want or need an Apron, I also decided to create T-Shirts as well, for those who aren’t shy about announcing their Curd-Nerd tendencies.
Cheese Salt
So if you’re a Curd-Nerd who fancies letting everyone know what you get up to in your spare time, or you just want to have a neatly labeled Apron dedicated purely to your Cheese Making, then head on over to the Store page and get your Curd-Nerd gear now!
Cheese Salt
Curd-Nerd At Work Aprons are $39.95 (NZD)
“Curd-Nerd At Work” embroidered on bib
Sturdy fabric with adjustable neck, waist ties and front pocket
They come in Black only and one size fits all

Cheese Salt

Curd-Nerd T-Shirts are $29.95 (NZD)
“Curd-Nerd” embroidered on the front
They also come in Black only, but in all sizes
Sturdy fabric in unisex style

Both items are embroidered rather than screen printed so they will wash well and I also made sure to purchase both in good, sturdy fabrics that will wear well.

And there’s no www address’ on either item, so no blatant branding other than the Curd-Nerd logo.

Pre-orders will be taken over the next 2 weeks and then all orders will be shipped out in one lot.

After that all orders will be shipped as they are placed.

So go on over to the Curd-Nerd store now and get your custom Curd-Nerd Apron or T-Shirt.

Questions? Fire away. Happy to answer any and all queries you have.

Oh, and a big thank you to my wonderful husband for being the Curd-Nerd model. The things he does to support me : )

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