In Case You Missed It – Cling Film For Cheese

By on 04/09/2011

As sometimes happens in the world of technology, I’ve had a few problems with my automatic email service lately, which means that Curd-Nerd’s latest post wasn’t sent out to Curd-Nerd readers.

You may have spotted it on the website but if you missed it, click here to see the last post which is all about using cling film to store or age your cheese. I did some research on this topic after receiving a number of questions about it’s use. I had my own theory about whether or not cling film should be used with cheese but I wanted to make sure I was providing useful, balanced advice so I checked it out with as many sources as I could to get an informed answer.

See what I discovered about using Cling Film in cheese making.

Hopefully my automatic email service is all sorted now so this problem won’t occur again.

Fingers crossed!!!

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