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  • cheese making
    4 New Recipes To Celebrate!

    Wow! Curd-Nerd has just recently reached 400 (plus) subscribers! I’m super excited that we have so many keen home cheese makers out there. And I’m so appreciative that so many...

    • 23/10/2012
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  • cheese fridge
    Easy To Create Cheese Aging Environments

    When I last wrote, I asked for your help in sharing with the Curd Nerd readers what other home cheese makers are using to ripen and age their cheeses....

    • 08/10/2012
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  • Fridge
    Who Wants To Help A Fellow Curd-Nerd Out?

    Buying equipment for cheese making can get expensive. I know I’ve said it before, but this concern often comes up in the comments or emails I receive from Curd-Nerd...

    • 31/08/2012
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  • cheese cultures
    Save Money – Make Your Own Cheese Cultures

    Back in the day, an important part of getting a good, tasty cheese meant having the right ingredients and conditions to nurture your own cultures, or to have had...

    • 09/08/2012
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  • cheese making
    pH Meter – Do You Need One?

    Many new home cheese makers are surprised to discover that you don’t need a whole lot of fancy, technical equipment to make cheese. Sure, you can go all out...

    • 23/07/2012
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  • vacuum seal cheese
    Preserving Methods | Vacuum Sealing

    Once upon a time there was only cling film, and sandwich bags. Then someone found a way to take the concept of those two items and invented a product which...

    • 15/06/2012
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  • How to label waxed cheese
    QA7 – How Do I Label My Waxed Cheeses?

    So you’ve made a great looking round of cheese and now it’s time to wax it. But once it’s waxed and stored away for aging, how do you ever...

    • 22/05/2012
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  • cheese salt
    Age Does Matter – Aging Homemade Cheese

    This post is Part 8 of the continued basic home cheese making instructions. See the Curd Nerd Beginner Page for previous parts. It’s not always true what they say,...

    • 08/05/2012
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