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  • 3 More Cheese Recipes, And A New Feature

    There have been a few changes around the Curd-Nerd household lately. One of which has allowed me to spend a little more time on my home cheese making. I...

    • Posted 24/04/2012
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  • Cheesemaking
    Proudly Announce You’re A Curd-Nerd

    Recently I was on the hunt for a new apron for my Cheese Making. I don’t like using my general cooking Apron for my cheese making, just in case...

    • 25/03/2012
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  • Cheese Salt
    Making Home Cheese Making Cheaper

    When you first start home cheese making, it is easy to end up spending a lot of money on all the equipment you feel like you have to have...

    • 19/03/2012
    • 7
  • Flocculation Method
    Flocculation Method – For A Better Curd Set

    As we all know, one of the most important steps in cheese making is getting a good curd set up. Without a good set up, most cheeses won’t ever...

    • 19/02/2012
    • 15
  • QA6 – Why Didn’t My Curd Knit Together?

    If you’ve ever pressed a cheese and ended up with curd that has failed to knit together, you’ll know how disappointing this dilemma is. I certainly do! The point...

    • Posted 29/01/2012
    • 8
  • Merry Christmas Curd Nerds!

    Well, Christmas Day is almost done and I’m taking some time with a few drinks and a plate of lovely fresh bread with home made cheese for supper to...

    • Posted 24/12/2011
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  • Cheesy Christmas Gifts

    The festive season is certainly upon us, with less than a month until Christmas. The stores are decorated, the carols have started (far too early in my mind) and...

    • Posted 30/11/2011
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  • Bandaging Cheese – Another Way To Preserve

    If you feel so inclined to play with some older, traditional methods of preserving cheese, ‘bandaging’ is an interesting and fun technique to try out. It is also a more...

    • Posted 12/11/2011
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