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  • Lipase – A Helpful Busy Little Enzyme

    What is Lipase? If you are new to the hobby of cheese making, you might have no idea, just as I didn’t when I first started out. I had...

    • Posted 19/10/2011
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  • QA5 – Why Doesn’t My Mozzarella Stretch Properly?

    Mozzarella, it’s the cheese that many new cheese makers try first because of its quick results, delicious taste and versatility of use. Recipes like 30 Minute Mozzarella make it...

    • Posted 06/10/2011
    • 20
  • Pressing Your Cheese – Bringing It All Together

    This post is Part 6 of the continued basic home cheese making instructions. See the Curd Nerd Beginner Page or the Basic Instructions category for previous parts. Pressing your...

    • Posted 20/09/2011
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  • In Case You Missed It – Cling Film For Cheese

    As sometimes happens in the world of technology, I’ve had a few problems with my automatic email service lately, which means that Curd-Nerd’s latest post wasn’t sent out to...

    • Posted 04/09/2011
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  • Should You Use Cling Film For Wrapping Cheese?

    Aging, preserving and storing cheese can present a few challenges for home cheese makers, between battling with rinds, molds, brines, wraps and waxes and trying to control humidity and...

    • Posted 31/08/2011
    • 3
  • Which Milk Is Best For Cheese Making?

    If you’ve been making cheese for any period of time you’re probably aware of the conversations about raw milk versus pasteurized milk, or perhaps you’ve already started thinking about...

    • Posted 22/08/2011
    • 16
  • Feta Too Salty
    QA4 – I Stored My Feta In Brine And Now It’s Too Salty!

    Storing your Feta in Brine is the most common way to preserve this cheese, but what do you if your Feta ends up too salty to enjoy? Everyone enjoys...

    • 10/08/2011
    • 7
  • Cheese Making
    Using Brine In Cheese Making

    I have to apologise to Curd-Nerd readers. I usually post on a Wednesday but last night (and I hope you understand) I instead spent the evening with my best...

    • 04/08/2011
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