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  • 3 New Soft Cheese Recipes!

    Today’s post is a short and sweet one, but hopefully also helpful in adding to your home cheese making repertoire. Curd-Nerd has added 3 new soft cheese recipes to...

    • Posted 27/07/2011
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  • Calcium Chloride (CaCI2) | What Is It And When Should You Use It?

    Here at Curd-Nerd I’ve mentioned Calcium Chloride a few times, mostly in relation to brine solutions, and you may have also seen it listed as an ingredient in the...

    • Posted 20/07/2011
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  • Adventures in Cheese | Guest Post

    Today’s post is Curd-Nerd’s first guest post and comes from Louise, a regular Camembert maker who is also venturing into other cheeses such as Stilton and Cheddar. In this...

    • Posted 13/07/2011
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  • QA3 – Why Do I Get Such A Low yield Of Ricotta?

    Ricotta is traditionally made from the whey left over after making your main rennet set cheese recipe. You may find that at times that you get an extremely low...

    • Posted 06/07/2011
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  • Home Made Rich Ricotta (Kind Of)

    The picture at the top there, is what I normally expect to see I look at pictures of Ricotta. But recently I spotted this Smitten Kitchen post about making...

    • Posted 29/06/2011
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  • Cheddaring Process | Demonstrating How It’s Done

    In my last post, I suggested that Farmhouse Cheddar is worth giving a go as your first hard cheese attempt. The  beauty of Farmhouse Cheddar is that it skips...

    • Posted 22/06/2011
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  • The Easy Going Member Of The Cheddar Family

    Many recipes that have cheese as a main ingredient really do demand the true full and sharp taste of Cheddar. Think cheese scones and cheese puffs. They just wouldn’t...

    • Posted 15/06/2011
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  • Preserving Methods | Waxing Cheese

    Wax on, Wax off, Wax on, Wax off – so says Mr Miyagi Ok, so perhaps that’s a bad play on words but it’s what comes to mind EVERY...

    • Posted 08/06/2011
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