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  • QA1 – Why Did My Curd Stick To The Cheese Cloth?

    So you’ve spent hours carefully making your cheese and now is the time to unwrap it and unveil it in all it’s glory. But you find when you start...

    • Posted 27/04/2011
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  • Future Posts With Quick Answers

    photo © 2009 walknboston If you are a fellow cheese maker, no doubt you’ve been in the same situation as I have. You’re in the middle of a make...

    • Posted 26/04/2011
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  • Cutting The Curd – It’s Not As Scary As It Looks

    This post is Part 4 of the continued basic home cheese making instructions. See the Curd Nerd Beginner Page or the Basic Instructions category for previous parts. You’ve waited...

    • Posted 24/04/2011
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  • Keeping A Cheese Log Will Help You Make Better Cheese

    Cheese making is a constant opportunity for learning and improving. With every cheese you make, there are a variety of changes that can occur naturally, be made purposefully or...

    • Posted 19/04/2011
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  • The Pressing Issue About Cheese

    When I first started making hard cheeses I fashioned a cheese press out of all sorts of items. Filled stock pots of water, cans of food, rocks, anything that...

    • Posted 17/04/2011
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  • How To Monitor Your Camembert Maturation

    I have to say that I think Camembert is one of my favourite cheeses to make. I thoroughly enjoy the ‘nurturing’ process that is required in the first few...

    • Posted 14/04/2011
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  • Adding Rennet – How To Achieve A Curd

    This post is Part 3 of the continued basic home cheese making instructions. See the Curd Nerd Beginner Page or the Basic Instructions category for previous parts. We’ve talked milk, we’ve...

    • Posted 13/04/2011
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  • Storing Your Cheese For Aging

    When you get into making cheese, there quickly comes a point when you have to figure out just where you’re going to age and store all this fabulous cheese...

    • Posted 13/04/2011
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