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  • vacuum seal cheese
    Preserving Methods | Vacuum Sealing

    Once upon a time there was only cling film, and sandwich bags. Then someone found a way to take the concept of those two items and invented a product which didn’t just cover your food in plastic, but...

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  • cheese salt
    Age Does Matter – Aging Homemade Cheese

    This post is Part 8 of the continued basic home cheese making instructions. See the Curd Nerd Beginner Page for previous parts. It’s not always true what they say, that age doesn’t matter. For cheese, it most...

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  • QA2 – Why Does My Feta Melt When I Store It In Brine?

    You’ve made a lovely batch of Feta. It’s been salted and aged and now you want to store it for use later on. You’ve followed the instructions and put it in a salty brine. A few days...

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  • How To Monitor Your Camembert Maturation

    I have to say that I think Camembert is one of my favourite cheeses to make. I thoroughly enjoy the ‘nurturing’ process that is required in the first few weeks of a Camembert make and I love...

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  • Storing Your Cheese For Aging

    When you get into making cheese, there quickly comes a point when you have to figure out just where you’re going to age and store all this fabulous cheese you’re making. Initially when you first start out, and...

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