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    A large farm owner that I know in Norfolk is looking to diversify into cheese making, and possibly other dairy products, is interested in establishing a small creamery on his land and wants to find someone who is interested in running it on a partnership basis and I thought that this opportunity might be of interest to some of you here.

    The partnership would work along the following lines:

    The farm owner would supply the capital, equipment, and fund the construction of the creamery

    The creamery operator would be given access to all of the owner’s capital for cheese making in exchange for giving the owner a share of the profits.

    Running a creamery on a profit-sharing basis rather than on the basis of a negotiated fixed rent, would help protect anyone who is interested in getting into cheese-making from suffering an operating loss, or running up large debts to procure the initial starting capital while also giving access to equipment that would enable them to make cheese on a larger scale and hence hit the ground running with a larger initial revenue without taking on an excessive risk.

    If you’re interested you’re welcome to message me to enquire further.

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