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    I live in a tropical country, and I got into cheesemaking because it’s fun and I wanted to try it but also because it’s really hard to find good cheese here. I recently made an Edam, but as you can imagine I can’t get my hands on wax. Does any one know of any good alternatives to wax- I have heard storing it in oil can work, but I am wondering if i can just plunk it in a bowl of oil or if I have to do something different. Side note- vacuum sealing is not really an option either.
    Any tips and tricks greatly appreciated.

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    Tom Moran

    Daniel, I don’t know that much about oil but would stay clear of that for several reasons. I have had very good luck with cream wax and it is available from several cheese supply companies. Most contain a anti mold agent that is way better than dealing with mold getting under regular waxes.

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    I know this is two years after the original post…but I was reading your post, Tom, and wanted to add that if you check out Gavin Webber’s YouTube videos and posts, you will often see reference to using olive oil on cheese, during rind formation. For example, Manchego. This cheese is traditionally (in Spain) coated with olive oil. This prevents mold formation and gives the rind a lovely colour. When making Manchego, I use a mixture of olive oil, paprika and cocoa powder and rub it into the rind every couple of days during aging. The rind turns out beautifully.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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