Failed Mozarella

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    Des Mendoza

    Am a newbie on here and i just did my first attempt at making mozarella but prior to this i have been watching a lot of YouTube videos. My mozarella didn’t stretch as much as what i have seen it can do but it did get to a smooth ball stage. Also its felt hard and not soft looking. I started off though with about 1 1/2 cup LESS than 1 gallon of raw milk and I inadvertently added water to my liquid rennet. Do you think these 2 are what caused my mozarella to fail. ThEY are still edible. Just not as soft as i have seen it on video. Is there anyway to salvage this problem as i still have some of the curds waiting to be melted.

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    Des Mendoza

    When i say hard i meant “rubbery” 😫

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    Tom Moran

    Des, I have made a lot of cheese and plenty of that attempts at mozzarella, but I still haven’t figured out the perfect combination of making it streach properly. Keep trying and make a post once you conquer it.

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