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    I am an Australian, a single parent, a full-time mature age student studying a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science. Food fascinates me, from paddock to plate, and I explore many different avenues of creating food from scratch. I have been on the cheese bandwagon for about two years now; initially mostly soft cheeses, but since Christmas, I have started into the hard cheeses, with Cheddar so far, but I am gearing up to try my hand at Parmesan next. Raw milk is not readily available here (the government says it’s okay to smoke tobacco and drink alcohol, but apparently we cannot be trusted with raw milk. Go figure!). Fortunately, there is a commercial dairy nearby, which runs a herd of Jersey cows, and sells their milk and cream unhomogenised – which makes a pretty decent cheese.

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    Hi Redfyre, We had the same problem in N.Z up until 18 months ago. We can now buy raw milk from local registered farmers who sell at the gate. Our politicians changed the rules after intense lobbying from artisan cheese makers and dairy farmers. Perhaps you could organise a petition to lobby the Federal Govt.

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