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    The Kooky Kiwi

    Hello Everyone!

    I’m new to cheesemaking and new to the forums so thought I’d best first say hello and introduce myself.

    I’m from the lovely Golden Bay area in New Zealand. My husband and I own/operate a modest dairy farm with a lovely herd of Jersey cows. Our herd are currently dried off (having their holidays) for the winter but we recently had two cows calve very early and so we now have a fresh milk supply again.

    I have wanted to try cheese making for some time now (I already make my own soaps and toiletries) and recently I found myself with the time and opportunity to give it a go!.

    For my first attempt I tried an English Coulommiers which turned out quite well. For my second attempt I tried some camembert which I’d say got a 6 out of 10 – not bad for my second attempt I thought!

    Next on my hit list is to refine my methods for the camembert and then when I have a press I want to try a Havarti!

    Am looking forward to sharing stories and picking a few brains on the forums so see you over there 🙂

    The Kooky Kiwi

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    Ray Johnson

    Welcome kooky kiwi.

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