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    Hi all,

    Just to say I’m very happy to have found this forum…so difficult figuring out everything on your own! My husband and I have a 12 acre smallholding a small but growing herd of Golden Guernsey goats. This year we’ve been experimenting with different natural cheese methods in very rustic farmhouse style- curious to see if there is any particular type of cheese that our raw milk and local climate etc seems particularly suited to, before working with any imported cultures. Very happy to share experiences and problem shooting with others – particularly those also working with raw goats milk in this way.

    So far soft chèvre and nettle chèvre are our most consistent, as well as a rennet curd that works very well as a grill-able halloumi type cheese> Currently trouble shooting our alpine style cheeses and have a very stinky limburger in the making!

    Best wishes!


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