High Fat % Milk

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    The Kooky Kiwi

    Hello Team!

    I am relatively new to cheese making but have had a few successes and now have a few questions.

    Most recipes available (for cows milk) are based on a milk source with approximately 3% fat, with the various ingredient quantities and expected cheese yield having been tried and tested.

    My milk (fresh from the cow) is 5% fat (this is accurate +/- 0.5%) and I am finding that I am getting close to double the cheese yield that the recipe’s state I should get.

    My question is.. Given that I have a higher fat percentage and my batches are yielding a lot more curd, should I be adjusting my culture quantities? How are the culture quantities, in relation to my curd yield, going to affect my overall cheese?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Tom Moran

    Kooky, you have several options with milk that rich. Some say that less starter culture is best for raw milk cheese’s because you have plenty of natural bacteria already present and that will bring the true milk flavor. In other situations cheese makers pour on the culture aiming to flavor the cheese towards the way they want it rather than the natural variance that milk has naturally. The choice is yours.

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    The Kooky Kiwi

    Thanks Tom for the comments! This just gives me an excuse to make more cheese hehe. How convenient LOL.

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