Hybrid cheese

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    Frédéric Girard

    Hi all! On my 1st cheddar try everything went well untill the 4th week in my little fridge for the aging. On that morning 1 week from last opening the fridge to check on cheese…TADA!!! It smell like blue cheese and sure enought there is nany kind of colored molds on the cheddar. After checking the fridge temp and humidity I found out it was running 18’C and 95% RH, just what you need to devellop the penicillium roqueforti mold/culture. Panic took me and I dry salted the cheddar but decided to keep it going after fixing the fridge temp and humidity. 1 more month has pass and it look fine… My hybrid cheddar-blue cheese. Suppose to wait 1 more month for the cheddar aging to get to 3 months. Willlet you know if I survive the tasting around Christmas. And if you ever encounter something similar please let me know the outcome. Thank you.

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