I may have accidentally used lipase in place of culture in some cheese.

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    Andy Douglass

    So I recently made two cheeses from 4g of raw jersey milk I got directly from the dairy rancher. I have gotten milk from her several times over the last couple of years and have made several cheeses from it that turned out pretty good. I took a break from cheesemaking for about a year and then started again at the beginning of the year. I had thrown out my old cultures at that time and bought a bulk pack of Meso from the local fermentation/brewing store. I got a couple gallons of the raw milk at that time and made a cheddar with my new pack of Meso. Fast forward about 4 months and I got the 4g of raw milk. I made a Monterey Jack first, and then I got lazy with my remaining 2g for about 10 days. Being that it was raw, I decided to make a dry Jack so as to reduce my concerns about bad bacteria in the milk.

    Currently, my Monterey is in a vac bag and my dry Jack is waiting for the oil coating/wash to be finished. The Monterey Jack has swollen significantly as it ages in the vac bag, more than any cheese I have made. The dry Jack seems as it should be, although it is a little younger and a lot drier.

    Today, I was looking for some bread yeast in the fridge, and found my bulk envelope of Meso. That’s strange, I thought, I usually keep that in the freezer. So I looked in the freezer and found a similarly sized envelope of Lipase that I had used almost 2 years ago for Romano. I am 80% sure that when I made these two Jacks, I used the Lipase instead of the Meso.

    With pasteurized milk, I would probably have no concerns about seeing how these cheeses turn out. But I have been reading up on food safety quite a bit lately as I have started canning food, and I may be a little hyper-vigilant about it. But I do know that when making cheese from raw milk, one of the safe things to do is to age it out for 60 days minimum to ensure that any bad bacteria has been killed off. The culture we put in cheese not only develops flavors, but it also crowds out bad bacteria. So I am now concerned that these two jacks did not get dosed with good bacteria and bad bacteria may have had a field day.

    Any thoughts?

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