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    I’m making homemade cheddar for the first time, and I’ve pretty much managed to mess up everything possible through this entire process.
    My curds didn’t form up properly. They were coagulated, but grainy and there was a lot of whey around them. They didn’t cut properly so I ended up using a whisk to make the curds.
    Got the milk and curds too warm at every stage. I have a gas stove, so even though I’m using a double pot, it gets hot much faster then i anticipate .
    Curds got clumpy during the cooking time and turned into chunks, so when it was time to cheddar I didn’t have one big mass, but lots of little clumpy chunks.
    Then, once again, I got the curds too hot. I don’t have good pots for doing the ‘set your pot into a bigger pot full of water’ method. So my curds melted. Now they are this tough, rubbery slab.

    Am I wasting my time? I’ve spent all day on this and messed up every step and I don’t know if its worth it now to keep trying to cheddar this thing.

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    Hi Angela,

    Not sure how everything turned out for you but I just made some farmhouse cheddar 2 days ago. I kept the temperature at 32C during ripening and coagulation of curds. I tend to place the stockpot of milk in a sink full of boiling water from the kettle and that creates a double boiler effect. My stove is inaccurate so I prefer this method. I take the stockpot out of the sink when it reaches temp and will just regulate it by placing back in the sink and adding hot water accordingly. You can easily get to the required temp of 38C using this method. Everything seems to have turned out ok so far. This is my first cheddar as well so it was a little daunting at first. I suggest trying again and you should be right the next time around. Good luck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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