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    Hello, I wonder if maybe you help me determine what I may have made. I am new at cheese making I just received my order of supplies. I have successfully made thus far, ricotta and a paneer. I live in Thailand and tried every store bought milk here ( pasteurized whole milk ) finally one worked for ricotta and paneer.

    I have made beer and wine so understand how septic thing need to be. I attempted Farmhouse Cheddar. As my tap water here is 89 F, the beginning was easy, I just set the dutch oven in the water for 45 minutes. I followed your directions exactly, but the curds never set, tried twice, 1 gallon batches. The milk only had 3 days until expiration, I did not notice that until I was home.

    Anyway after the failure with the second, I could not just throw it away, so I followed your recipe for ricotta with it. I ended up with about a pound of fine textured curd. I drained it well for a few hours, I have now put it the press I built yesterday, at approximately 5 pounds pressure.

    Any idea what I have here, or have I just created a new type of cheese ?

    Thank you for your time,


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