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If you are a fellow cheese maker, no doubt you’ve been in the same situation as I have. You’re in the middle of a make and something doesn’t go quite as you expected it to. You need to sort it out quickly. But how?

To me cheese making is a little bit science, a little bit art and a little bit of add lib. Things can go wrong, and they do.

It’s at those times when you want answers. You want to know either how to save the make, or at least what went wrong so you know how to avoid it next time.

And most cheese making books don’t normally cut it. They tend to cater for the ‘all going well’ make and don’t tend to spend too much time dwelling on what might trip you up. I guess that might put their readers off but me, I would rather be honest and in turn, hopefully helpful by providing a few quick answers for some of the cheese making challenges you might come across.

As I’ve mentioned before, cheese making is a constant learning experience and there’s nothing you can’t encounter, learn about, overcome and finely tune your end result for next time.

So in the next few days I will post the first of my Quick Answers Posts. Going forward these posts will prefix with QA and the number of quick fix we are up to. I will also go on to list them in order on my Troubleshooting page for quick reference in the future.

If you have a question you want a quick answer to, let me know in the comments section and I will either answer from my experience, or speak with the worldly wise of cheese making that I have access to and get your answer.

Remember, if you are asking it, someone else is probably wondering too so let’s share some learning here.

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