New Feature On Curd-Nerd

NewThere’s something new going on here at Curd-Nerd.

We’ve been working on this project for a while and, now, we think it’s ready to share with you.

It’s our new forum feature.

We’re excited to announce that the Curd-Nerd forum is live!

We’ve put together a new community area for Curd-Nerds, where you can ask questions, discuss your home cheese making methods and results, offer advice and recommendations and get to know other Curd-Nerds.

cheese making forumIn the past, we’ve only had the comments sections on our posts and, while it’s been great receiving your feedback, it’s almost impossible for me to keep up with answering all of your questions.

I know that we have some awesome experience and wisdom among our Curd-Nerds so I wanted to create a space where that can be easily shared and viewed. There is so much to learn about home cheese making and having a space where you can pick up new tips is so useful.

Plus, it’s a lot easier for your questions to be organised into a logical area so anyone looking for information can find it easily. The standard comments feature on a blog just doesn’t make it easy to do all of this, so the forum was created.

We’re definitely in the early days of the forum, and it’s pretty quiet over there. Every forum starts off a little empty (unless you employ some of the tactics the online ‘gurus’ suggest to make it look busy) but we hope that, in time, it will fill up with a lot of great conversation and knowledge.

We’d love for you to head on over and take a look, and perhaps introduce yourself.

You’ll see that the forum is split into categories to help organise the topics you might raise, and there’s a special board there for you to introduce yourself.

You will need to register before you can post a new topic on the board, or reply to open topics (reading is open to everyone) but, don’t worry, we won’t be using your address for anything other than your forum registration. There won’t be any additional emails or spam coming your way.

So, we’d love for you to get involved on the forums and, if you have any questions or suggestions please jump onto the General Admin board in the forum, where there is a special topic for Questions and Suggestions. I’m always keen to hear what the Curd-Nerd readers want from our site so we can keep trying to improve things.

We’ll see you over there!

Curd Nerd Forum