Who Wants To Help A Fellow Curd-Nerd Out?

Who Wants To Help A Fellow Curd-Nerd Out?

wine cooler cheese cave

Buying equipment for cheese making can get expensive.

I know I’ve said it before, but this concern often comes up in the comments or emails I receive from Curd-Nerd readers, so it’s definitely on peoples minds.

And yet, not investing in certain pieces of equipment can make some parts of the cheese making process much more difficult, particularly when it comes to aging.

Wine fridges have recently become popular for creating a suitable environment for cheese aging, with the necessary temperatures and a dedicated aging area, but what if you’re not in a position to spend the money on a wine fridge, or you simply don’t want another appliance in your home?

What other options are there for creating an aging environment that keeps cheese making affordable, but also successful?

This is where I need your help.

I personally didn’t spend too much time trying to create custom environments for my cheese aging. I aged a few batches of cheese in containers, in the bathroom at the southern end of the house, but it was such a mission trying to rig up the right conditions for my cheese babies that I jumped straight to a solution I felt more confident about. I took the easy path and bought a wine fridge.

But I know we have a lot of clever Curd-Nerds out there and many of you have gone to the trouble of building your own cheese ‘caves’, and in some cases, created some pretty nifty solutions.

And I know we have readers who really want to find out what other home cheese makers are using as a cheese ‘cave’ so they can try and create something of their own, that is effective in terms of both cost, and function.

So, I’m proposing that we share a bit of Curd-Nerd love and help each other out.

If you have a system that you have cleverly devised for aging your cheeses and it works well and is able to be replicated by others, we would be super grateful if you would share it with us.

By sharing, we can help each other get better results and keep home cheese making alive as a hobby that is not only fun, but also productive.

If you are willing to share the details of your cheese ‘cave’, email me 2-3 pictures of your solution, with a description of the equipment you used and how you put it all together to get the results you want. Try to keep the instructions easy to understand, and not too long and detailed, otherwise we just won’t have room to publish them all.

And to make it worth your while, every Curd-Nerd that shares their cheese ‘cave’ details will go into the draw to win one of our Curd-Nerd Aprons.

wine cooler cheese cave

So, share away if you feel like being generous with your genius, and enter the draw to win!

I can’t wait to see what fantastic solutions you all have, and to share them with our fellow Curd-Nerds.


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Note: Entries close on the 14th of September and should be sent to: [email protected]. Photos will be displayed at no bigger than 300 pixels wide (or long) so, if possible, please reduce the size of the photos before sending. Details of your equipment can be included in the body of your email : )