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curd nerd home cheese making beginner

Curd Nerd Beginner? Cheese Making For Beginners

So you’re new to Curd-Nerd? Perhaps you’re a cheese making beginner? Either way, don’t panic. While there is plenty of information on this site, this is the best place to start and find your way through it all. 

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curd nerd home cheese making forum

Cheese Forum For Home Cheese Making

Welcome to the Curd Nerd Forum!     The reason Curd Nerd started was to make hard-to-find information about cheese-making available to everyone. We have realised over the years that there are countless variables in cheese making. So, naturally, questions

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home cheese making problem solving and troubleshooting

Cheese Making Troubleshooting

When you start making your own cheese at home, you will start to find that there are a lot of little factors which will affect the quality of your cheese. Between temperature, moisture, salt and technique, you may find that

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Not Sure Which Cheese To Make?

Browse Through The Curd Nerd Cheese Recipes

Cheese Recipes

Welcome To Curd Nerd

It is wonderful to have you here at the essential site for home cheese making. At Curd Nerd, we are avid home cheese makers and noticed that following cheese-making recipes didn’t always work out as planned. Over the years we have developed our own recipes that work for us every time. We have also solved a lot of questions as to why cheese didn’t always turn out as we had hoped. And so, Curd Nerd was born.

Why Curd Nerd?

Over the last few years we have put together a range of recipes, as well as articles, which cover a lot of cheese making questions. So, why do we do it? I suppose the information could be kept to ourselves. However, when we first started making cheese at home it was so difficult to find good information to guide us. So, what we really wanted to do was to be able to share all of the information that we have learnt with all of you. We want you to be able to make the most delicious, satisfying, stress-free cheese in the comfort of your own home.

Are You A Beginner Home Cheese Maker?

We'll Take You Through Everything You Need To Know To Start Making Cheese At Home

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Getting The Most Out Of Curd Nerd

Beginners To Cheese Making

You will notice that Curd Nerd has a few different features for you to explore. If you are a newbie to cheese making, we recommend that you start right at the beginning to learn the ins and outs of home cheese making. Take your time and go through the information at Beginner? Start Here.

You will learn about which ingredients to use for your cheese, common terminology, how culture and rennet are used and a whole lot more. Of course, if you have any questions or are confused by anything to do with cheese making, you can head over to our Curd Nerd Forum where our beautiful community of Curd Nerds can help out.

Getting Started

Once you’re familiar with the basics, it is time to start your first home cheese making adventure! You will find a variety of both soft and hard cheese recipes on Curd Nerd. Each of these has been tried, measured and written by us. They may not all be the traditional way to do it, however it is what has seemed to work for us, consistently.

We make all of our recipes with cows milk, simply because we cannot get access to fresh goat’s and sheep’s milk where we live. However, the recipes are all referenced to the type of milk that would traditionally be used. So, have a go at some of our recipes. Once you start making your own cheese at home, you will never want store bought again.

You can access all recipes here.

Cheese Making Techniques

Okay, so now you have chosen which cheese to make and you have a recipe to follow. You have the correct ingredients and a basic understanding of how to go about this cheese making. Now, you are almost ready to begin. There are just a few more things you will want to know to get the best results for your efforts. Head over to our Techniques page.

Here you will find information on things such as preservation and waxing of your cheese, the correct aging environments, how to make your own starter cultures and so much more. It is definitely worth having a read through those articles as you will pick up a lot of extra information that will guide you on your cheese-making journey.


Cheese Making Supplies Guide

Making cheese at home requires a few pieces of specialized equipment, depending on the cheese that you are making. At Curd Nerd, we try our best to provide cost friendly alternatives for our beginners. However, once your start making cheese regularly there are a few items that you may want to invest in, such as a cheese cave and a cheese press.

There are also smaller items and ingredients that you will need for most recipes, such as cultures, rennet, cheese salt and wax. We’ve put together a list of everything that you might need for your home cheese making, just to make it a little easier for you to find.

Are you a Beginner to Home Cheese Making? Checking out our Cheese Making Supplies Guide is a MUST.


Troubleshooting – Solving Those Cheesy Problems

Every once in a while home cheese making doesn’t quite go to plan. It is not ideal, but it is the reality of cheese making. So much depends on the small stuff, like the quality of milk and sterilization of equipment. But never fear! Curd Nerd has got you covered. We have answered the most common questions that we get from our members. Things such as how Calcium Chloride can be used, why your Camembert doesn’t grow white mold and why your Mozzarella won’t stretch properly.

If you have any questions of your own, you can ask the community in our Curd Nerd Forum. But for now, have a read through our Troubleshooting page to see if the information there answers your questions.

The Curd Nerd Blog

If you’re looking to read more about home cheese making, head over to our Curd Nerd Blog. Here we cover a range of cheese topics, such as which milk is best for cheese making and how to use your left over whey. And sometimes an article will be written on what we are thinking about at the time, like great Christmas presents which incorporate cheese. Take a look around the blog section. You may find a few helpful tips and tricks to improve your cheese making.

Read our blog posts here.

The Curd Nerd Forum

The reason Curd Nerd started was to make hard-to-find information about cheese making available to everyone. We have realised over the years that there are so many variables in cheese making, and so many questions and discussions pop up all the time. While we do our best to answer as many questions as we can, sometimes it is best to get other peoples opinions as well.

We created the Curd Nerd forum so that our wonderful community of home cheese makers from all over the world could come together and share their experience. Please sign up to the forum so that you can get involved. Ask away and don’t forget to help out your fellow Curd Nerds as well.

Register for the Curd Nerd Forum here.


Thank you so much for following us and becoming a Curd Nerd! We feel privileged to guide you on your journey to becoming a home cheese-making connoisseur.