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      All things admin - please read before using this forum. Includes FAQs, Forum Etiquette and Rules, and Admin Announcements.
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      assignment help

    • Introduce yourself!
      Lets get to know each other! When did you start making cheese, how did you get started, what cheeses do you like to make most and what are you most challenged by right now? Introduce yourself and tell us all about your cheese making journey so far.
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    • Ingredients
      Discussing all the ingredients you can use in cheesemaking - rennets, cultures, acids, salt, milk, plant based ingredients, ash, wine, beer, herbs, oils, wood.
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    • 2 years, 4 months ago

      Chris Odbratt

    • Equipment
      Got questions or recommendations about the equipment needed in cheese making? - pots, ladels, thermometers, pH meters, vats, scales, curd knives, moulds, cheese cloth, presses, cheese caves, draining mats, aging containers, brine containers, boards, mats, labels, vacuum sealers, brushes.
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      [email protected]

    • Making Cheese
      All the processes and methods associated with making cheese - moulding, pressing, hanging, draining, keeping cheese logs, adding ingredients, cutting curds, using brine, heating methods.
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    • Aging
      All your questions regarding aging - aging duration, temperatures, humidity and aging environments, waxing, oiling, natural rinds, bandaging, vacuum sealing and labels, washing, turning, moulds and smells.
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    • 8 months, 3 weeks ago


    • The Water Cooler
      Come over here and talk about anything you want to. Cheese or no cheese.What's on your mind? What do you want to share with the Curd-Nerd Community? Post it here.All we ask is that you respect each other and avoid posting inflammatory topics or responses.
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      Sarina Little