Curd Nerd Beginner? Cheese Making For Beginners

So you’re new to Curd-Nerd? Perhaps you’re new to cheese making?

Either way, don’t panic. While there is plenty of information on this site, this is the best place to start and find your way through it all.

Cheese Making For Beginners Curd Nerd


The best thing to do as a beginner to cheese making is to familiarise yourself with some common terms. You’ll find that these terms will appear over and over again in recipes and in methods:


Now that we’ve got the general terms covered, let’s move on to the basics of cheese making. You’ll need some equipment and you’ll need some recipes:


Right, got that? Good, now let’s look at some details about the processes you will be going through to get some good cheese.


As home cheese makers, we also like to do things in a way which will be friendly to our wallets. So check out the post below for some ideas on how to save your moolah.


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