cheese making

The who of Curd-Nerd isn’t quite as important as the what, and the why?

This site isn’t about the personal adventures of one home cheese maker, it is a site for all home cheese makers. Ideally it would be THE site for all home cheese makers.

In good time I hope.

Curd-Nerd is an online resource for anyone who is interested in making cheese at home.

It’s your place to come to get recipes, find out tips and techniques, to troubleshoot and to expand and increase your passion for home cheese making.

Curd-Nerd’s primary purpose is to make cheese making accessible, fun and sustainable for as many people as possible.

By providing regular updates about all of the intricacies of making cheese, and all of the options possible when you embark on this hobby, it is our hope that more and more people find and stay with the love of home cheese making.

We want to demystify it, to make it seem less scary and to help ensure more successes and fewer failures.

That’s our mission and that’s what’s most important.

But perhaps the who is important to you too?

Curd-Nerd was started in 2010 by an obsessed home cheese maker from New Zealand, and has now been relocated to Australia.

After being taught how to make cheese in a quick and dirty fashion at a cooking school she fell in love with the process and the outcomes but was frustrated by how little information was available to help her make more of the good cheese, and less of the REALLY bad.

When mistakes happened, she didn’t know where to go to find the answers for why, and then how (to do it properly).

So she set about not only researching the whys and hows, but also decided to share what she discovered so others could benefit from her work.

And Curd-Nerd was born.