A soft, creamy, surface-ripened cheese made from Cows milk. Recognisable by it’s white mold rind. It was first found in Normandy, northern France in the 18th century. Delicious spread on a thin cracker or eaten by itself rind and all.


  • 5 litres Raw Fresh Cows Milk
  • 4mls Rennet
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Flora Danica Culture
  • Tiny Pinch of Penicillum Candidum


  1. Bring milk up to 32c
  2. Add both starters and stir thoroughly
  3. Leave to ripen for 90 minutes
  4. Add Rennet and stir with up and down motions for about 30 strokes
  5. Leave for 1 hour until a clean cut is achieved
  6. Cut curds into 1cm cubes
  7. Let curds settle for 15 minutes
  8. Ladle curds into sterilised molds
  9. Leave overnight, or for 8 hours and then flip the cheese over and replace in the mold
  10. Leave for another 8 hours until whey is sufficiently drained
  11. Remove from mold and sprinkle with salt on all surfaces
  12. Age in covered containers with cheeses raised so whey collects under them but not in contact with them
  13. Age at 95% humidity but regularly wipe the contact for excess moisture and don’t let moisture contact the cheese
  14. White mold should begin to develop within 7 days
    Camembert Recipe
  15. Turn regularly (daily) and age for 2-3 weeks while mold is developing
  16. Once the mold is covering the entire cheese wrap in cheese wrap and store for 4-6 weeks

Cheese is ready to eat when the cheese becomes slightly runny after being brought to room temperature.

EDIT – I’ve written a post elaborating further on the recipe above with extra details of what I do to successfully age my Camembert. Check out the post – Camembert Ripening Process

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