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    I’m trying to make Akkawi cheese which is a white cheese that is supposed melt very well and is used in Arabic dessert dishes as well as a savoury breakfast cheese. What I’ve been making tastes good, but doesn’t melt!

    The recipe is simple and doesn’t need any cheese culture. Only milk and rennet. I use homogenised but pasteurised milk (hard to get raw milk in England). Fat content is good, 4.5%+. I’m getting curds, draining them in a cheese cloth with a weight on top. But when it comes to melting the cheese, it’s a bit rubbery. And a lot of my batches come out squeaky. Almost like Halloumi.

    In the Arabic youtube tutorials that I’ve seen, some of the recipes ‘ferment’ the cheese after draining the whey. One lady cut it in chunks and left it in 75 C water for 45 minutes, another gentlemen put it in a 30 C oven for 8 hours. I tried the first, and that never worked.

    What do I need to do to get a stretchy cheese like in these videos? Check out the stretch from 35s – 1:05 (sorry it’s in Arabic…)

    Please help!

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