pH Meter

  • HM Digital’s pH-200 pH Meter
  • To test the acidity levels of your milk and curds
  • Measures pH 0-14 pH
  • Measures temperature from 0 to 80 °C / 32 to 176 °F
  • Re calibration feature
  • Waterproof


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When making your own cheese at home, it is important to have your milk and curd rise to particular acidity levels to create your cheese. Each cheese has a different level of acidity needed. You can generally get to the correct acidity level by following the temperature and timing in the recipe. However, if consistency with your cheese is what you are after, then monitoring the pH (acidity) level of your milk and curds is just what you need. You can do this with a pH Meter such as this HM Digital’s pH-200. It is digital and waterproof, making it ideal for pH testing of your milk and curds. It measures the pH from 0-14 plus it also measures temperature from 0 to 80 °C / 32-176 °F .