Cheese Wax Brush

Great for painting wax on your cheese and brushing wax over your cheese labels

Painting on the wax you use a lot less wax then if you wax dip your cheese, but if you wax dip this brush is great for filling the gaps

The handle is smooth and made from acacia wood and is very durable. Which is why it has a 25 year guarantee

Natural bristle brush

Clean by washing in warm, soapy water by hand

25 year guarantee


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Jamie Oliver backs the workmanship and quality of his pastry brush by placing a 25 year guarantee on it. It is the perfect tool to paint on cheese wax and to fill the gaps after you have wax dipped your cheese. I prefer to paint it on for more economical use of the wax.

Beautiful and durable acacia wood has been used for the handle and natural bristle has been used for the brush.

With the Jamie Oliver 25 year guarantee you know that you have brought the best quality that will last.