Reblochon Cheese Mold – Set of Two

  • Set of 2 Reblochon cheese molds
  • Each mold caters for cheese made from 1 gallon of milk
  • Comes as a set of two molds with followers!
  • Made from BPA free dairy plastic
  • Works like a mini press for for semi-hard cheeses.
  • Each mold is 5 1/2″ (diameter) x 2 1/2″ (deep).


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Set of two reblochon cheese molds. These molds carry cheese made from 1 gallon of milk each. This mold is used as a mini press from semi hard cheeses by placing a weight on top of the follower to drain the whey. You could make up a 2 gallon batch of cheese and then split it up into the 2 separate mold, making smaller wheels of cheese, or creating to different flavours of cheese with different spices.