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    I have made a Blue cheese very similar way to Camembert using a different culture of course. I have now aged it for 30 days and blue mould has appeared all okay. it was aged in a fridge at around 10 degrees C. The cheese has gone yellow and hard, is this to do with being too dry in the fridge or would of it been due to a process at the start, would it still be okay to eat?, as my recipe says to age for another 60 days and then wrap and put in in the fridge to age a second time for another 3 months. Don’t want to wait 6 months to find out I cant eat it? My Camembert has always been fine aging in the fridge

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    Old Goat

    It looks like you have several cheeses. I’d go ahead and cut into one and see what it’s like. If the rind is really hard and dry I would try everything I could to raise the humidity in my box. I have used clamps and plugged the hole with a plastic bag. Now, all this is to be taken with a grain of salt as I am only now ripening my first true blue cheese.

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