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    Elzani du Toit

    Good afternoon,

    I want to make some cream cheese just have a few questions.

    1- i watched a video on youtube (Gavin Webber), he uses a liquid rennet of which it seems to be less than normal. How much rennet would i use if i have the capsules (one capsule is enough to set 20 liters of milk)

    2- Would i be able to mould this and then cut in smaller pieces? Or how did he get the logs to roll them in herbs?

    3 – what would the ideal storage temp be? And approx how long will it kats in the fridge?

    4 – And do you have any recommendations for a semi soft cheese, that is firm enough to mould and cut but also soft enough to spread on crackers?

    Thank you, 🙂

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    Ray Johnson

    The recepie used there is similar to chevre which is typically made with goats mulk but is very tasty made with cows milk also!
    1)use 1/10 of typical rennet amount to make this cheese (it sits over about 12 hours to coagulate) to do this dissolve capsule in 20 table spoons of water and use 1/10 table spoon of this per L of milk.

    2) I drain mine in a cotton (muzlin) pillow case and drain for about 8 hrs then take it out and divide it up then roll it.

    3) I store chevre in the fridge for 1-2 weeks (watch for mould or off flavours)

    4) chevre fits the bill but others would be “farmers cheese Wich is made with 100F milk and vinegar or lemon juice to curdle the milk and then drain it. Or I use this recepie: to make cream cheese for cheese cake or spreads.

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    Elzani du Toit

    Thank you very much 🙂

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