curd disintegrates

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    I’m on my 3rd try making cheese and I can’t seem to get the curds to set properly. Each time, I get a clean break (I think). But after I cut it and let it rest, my curd disintegrates as soon as I start to stir and ends up looking like cottage cheese. I’m using 2 gallons 3.25 milk, homogenized and pasteurized. Half a tsp of calcium chloride and I’ve tried half and three quarter tsp of rennet. Any other suggestions?

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    Curd Nerd

    Hi Jessigo,
    If your curd is disintegrating it could be a couple of things. Firstly, check that your rennet is still viable. If it is then you may need to increase the amount of rennet slightly. Secondly, how are you incorporating the rennet? It needs to be mixed in gently (up and down, back and forth motions) rather than stirred or whisked. Also make sure that the rennet is incorporated very well…if it is not mixed in properly this can cause the disintegration of your curd.
    Hope this helps

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    Per Rolstad

    I have now tried 4 batches of milk trying to make gouda. I have used 2 diffrent rennets, but whatever i try the milk will not coagulate. I have also used 3 diffrent brands of fresh store milk. After hours! It gets slightly thicker, but not enough to try to cut. I have used Calcium Chloride, but it makes no difference. What could it be? I live in Spain, and will try to see if i can get hold of fresh farm milk to try.

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