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    I was thinking about different cheese molds and sizes and was thinking about having a local potter make a food grade, glazed mold for pressing. I would think since it is custom that making the mold and a follower that fits nicely would be quite easy enough. I was doing research online for what the ancients did and they basically use unglazed pottery for molds with huge medieval looking presses. Any thoughts or drawbacks that you can think of?


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    I think the follower would be the tough part. The glazing and firing process tend to change the size of pottery and this may make the follower too tight or too loose. You may need to use a different material for the follower. Other than that, sounds like a great idea.

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    I have a set of three that a potter friend of mine made for me and the only issue is the one that Mike mentioned. The followers shrank more in the firing than the mold did and don’t fit tightly. I just got a small sheet of 3/4″ thick HDPE (High Density Polyethylene, the stuff they make cutting boards out of) and cut a properly sized follower out of it. I used a circle jig on my router table but you can use most any wood cutting tool, the stuff is relatively soft and cuts very easily. Past that, I absolutely love mine. I’ve attached a picture of one in use. It’s from before I made the HDPE follower so you can see the size difference.


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    That looks GREAT! I would think they would be worth marketing, as they have to be cheaper than the fancy “French” molds.

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