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    Just wondering what doing a combination of cow and goat’s milk would be like in feta? Anyone tried it?

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    Tom Woodel

    You can make most cheese from goats milk, but there are definitely traditions for particular milks for certain cheeses (i.e. goats milk for chevre and cow for cheddar).

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    Tom Moran

    Tom/Neil, I have a decent supply of raw goat’s milk but sometimes add store cow milk just to make it go further. That works well for me on things like goat cheddar and parmesan but didn’t work out well with feta. The cow milk made it less crumble and less of the punch that pure goat milk gave. I have made feta with pure cow milk but that was even more like blue cheese without the blue. Not bad cheese but certainly not feta. I hope that helps.

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    Marion Catlin

    Hello, I am Marion and just trying to make feta for the first time. I went and bought some raw milk and in the end used a combination of 2litres semi-skimmed raw, 1 litre semi-skimmed bottled milk and a little full-fat raw to make up 3.50 litres. I used a fresh sachet of cheese culture (ordered via Amazon) and some older rennet, no calcium chloride.
    I did heat the milk to about 60 degrees C by accident but let it cool to 30degrees C before adding the culture. Then kept it at 30 degrees for an hour. Then I had to leave it for several hours before adding the rennet and then overnight. This morning the curd had sunk to the bottom, has solidified, on cutting it is spongy and cream-coloured rather than white and silky. What has happened and what should I do? They taste ok but unpleasant texture. Can anyone help please? Thanks in advance

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