Gouda Recipe

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    Does anybody know of a Gouda recipe which uses 5L of Milk.
    Everything I read relates to the use of 10L. Having just mastered the art of Camembert and knowing
    the little problems that transpired in our journey, 5L sounds like a great place to begin
    the experience. Any advice welcome.

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    If having a recipe with amount of ten liter milk, then just use half of the cultures etc. mentioned in the recipe, if you only want to use 5 liter of milk.

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    Elzani du Toit

    Good morning,

    Being a complete newbie and trying a few different cheeses, this might be a silly question to most!!

    I was also thinking of trying a gouda and using 5L, would that then affect the weight for pressing and the time the cheese is being pressed?

    Thank you

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    Ray Johnson

    Yes to both. A 10L cheese would probably weight about 2.5lbs so use that and the recommended weight to get a press weight per lb then apply it to your cheese weight. The time factor will be less important but a smaller cheese will acidify a little faster so you could reduce time by 10% maybe?

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    Elzani du Toit

    Hi Ray,

    Thank you for your response, I am actually about 40min away from pressing time….just in time 😀

    However…..made me realize I did not ask, when cutting a recipe in half does this affect the resting/ ripening / stirring times as well?

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    Ray Johnson

    It does somewhat but not enough to matter. Your cheese should still turn out fine. Hope it goes well for you!

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