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    I’m a beginner at cheese. My recipe is more of a thick sludge and is trying to form curds. I used two cans of goats milk mixed with 2% milk for the gallon of milk, liquid rennet and citric acid (Ball fruit fresh produce protector) used in canning from the store. I followed directions and let it set overnight on the stove (no heat). It’s thicker this morning but still hasn’t formed curds. Should I reheat it or add more rennet? HELP, I DONT WANT TO WASTE THE INGREDIENTS…I want cheese!

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    I am new here kinda late now but what recipe did you use that required sitting overnight???

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    Curd Nerd

    Hi Elaine

    What recipe are you following?

    My thoughts would be to ask if the temperatures when waiting for the curd set were in range? You should have seen a set within an hour so I would assume you never got it to set. Unfortunately, adding more rennet won’t help once you’ve got a thickened milk as it’s too hard to distribute right through. It can also impart a bitter taste if you add too much rennet just to get a set.

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    Curd-Nerd – I am trying your Mozzarella recipe after a 3 fail attempts using different mild sources, following the PH for the stretch etc.
    It looks like your recipe doesn’t “cook the curd”. Does this impart a different flavor? Or what difference will I see if I don’t cook the curd?

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