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    I picked up two plastic tubs at the local Asian market in Albany NY that I think will make PERFECT ripening boxes. They are 7″by 7″ and 4″ high. They have a small port on the lid that can be opened or closed depending on the airflow needs of a given cheese.
    The best feature is the raised perforated “tray” that sits a 1/4″ above the bottom. They were only $3.00 each and if they had more in stock I would have grabbed a few more.

    Here’s a link to photobucket of the Images

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    I figured out how to embed an image.. let’s see if this works

    ripening box photo IMG_20140704_095329_059_zps08961d47.jpg

     photo IMG_20140704_095337_095_zpscd08a0c9.jpg

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    Curd Nerd

    I use a similar type of thing for my ripening ranzi007.

    They are actually Starmaid Microwave Fish Poachers but they work perfectly for my Cams, Bries etc.

    They cost me around $8 NZD.

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