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    Pete Gorsline

    I thought I put this up – maybe I didn’t hit the button..

    In either case – the topic title pretty much says it all – has anyone ever used a sous vide cooker for cheese making?

    Thanks for the replies

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    Tom Moran

    Pete, I have not but used sous vide for lots of cooking other than cheese. I think it would be very accurate but very slow. After a few cheese batches one gets accustomed to applying heat accurately and I don’t know if the sous vide system would be an advantage. Good luck in experimenting and please post your results.

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    Andrew DeWeerd

    I do use an imnersion-style sous vide heater to heat milk (doing it right now in fact, making 2nd gouda of the weekend). I think it works really well. It does take a little longer to get milk up to temp, but I don’t mind. It’s better than overshooting temps, which I have done a’plenty in the past.

    It helps to add additional flow by adding a small pond pump – they have really small ones at hardware stores. The one I have uses suction cups to cling to the side of the sous vide container. It’s about 1.5″ cube.

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    I regularly use a Sous-Vide as a heat source in cheese making. I place the unit in a 5 gallon bin filled with about 6 inches of water and the 4 gallon cheese pot goes in also. Heating time is almost perfect and it never overruns. Doing it this way allows me to take care of the other cheese making chores without worrying about temps or time. The unit I use has a pump and I believe it is 1800 watts.

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    Pete Gorsline

    What unit are you using Andrew or Tom?

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