Koldfront Dual Zone Cooler 18B

  • Koldfront Dual Zone Cooler 18B
  • For use as a cheese cave
  • Thermoelectric cooling
  • Dual zone temperature control
  • Dimensions: 25.33″ H x 14″ W x 22.25″ D
  • Top zone temperature range: 54 – 66 °F / 12 – 19 °C
  • Bottom zone temperature range: 46 – 66 °F / 7.8 – 19 °C
  • Wooden shelving


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The Koldfront 7 Series Coolers come in a range of sizes to suit your home. They are great when used as a cheese cave or home cheese makers as you can easily control the temperature of your aging cheese. This cooler is dual zone and the temperature is control with a stylish control panel located centrally on the interior of the cooler. This cooler also has LED interior lighting to display your cheese and make it easy to choose which one you want to indulge in.

The thermoelectric cooling system eliminates any damage to your through vibration and also makes the cooler energy efficient. The top zone of the cooler has a temperature range of 54 – 66 °F / 12 – 19 °C. The bottom zone has a temperature range of 46 – 66 °F / 7.8 – 19 °C.