Thermostat Temp Control

  • Thermostat for fridge/freezer temperature control
  • Use to turn your fridge into a cheese cave
  • Easy temperature adjustment
  • Temperature range from 30 to 80 °F / -1 to 26.5 °C


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When making cheese at home, the temperature at which you keep your cheese for aging is extremely important. We recommend getting a dual zone wine cooler for your cheese storage. However, if you are just starting out with your home cheese making or don’t want to spend the money on a cooler, then this thermostat is a great alternative. The thermostat is used by plugging it into the outlet of your fridge or freezer, which allows accurate temperature control from 30 to 80 °F / -1 to 26.5 °C. This is perfect for you to use your second fridge as a cheese cave. And if your don’t have a second fridge, you will be able to get one second hand for as little as $40.