Reusable Cheesecloth

100% UNBLEACHED COTTON- no issues about chlorine leaching out into you cheese

The best natural cotton fibers makes this a SUPERIOR product

Only Pure cotton is used, that means lint free

Grade 50 Mesh Cheesecloth


Boil for 15 minutes to remove small particles

Hand wash in warm soapy water


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Pure Acres Farm Cheesecloth is a superior cheesecloth to the competition. With a quality weave and only made with the best natural pure cotton, it can be used and reused again and again.

It has a Grade 50 mesh (28×24 TPI), which means you do not need to fold the cloth when straining your curds.

Simply wash by hand in warm soapy water. If you find small particles are stuck to the cloth just boil for 15 minutes or until they are removed.

This is the perfect cheesecloth for the home cheese maker.

4.7 star out of 5 from 885 customer reviews.

Pure Acres Farm offers a no questions ask return policy if you are not 100% satisfied. 

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