Upping Your Cheese Game: Where To Start?

cheese platter

No matter what kind of special diet people are following nowadays, cheese holds a special place in the hearts of millions of people across the world. Some may be content with picking up a hunk of cheddar at the local supermarket and munching on a few slices.

For others, creating an attractive looking array of cheese can be an expression of one’s culinary prowess. Looking to up your cheese game? Here’s the place to start!

Be adventurous

See a cheese that you’ve never heard of before? Go ahead and give it a try! One of the fascinating things about cheese is just how many types there are. Food fairs or sample stations in markets are great places to taste new varieties and see what you like.

Make a cheese plate

Now that you have expanded your cheese horizons, assembling a cheese plate is the perfect way to start off a dinner party or an intimate get together with friends.

Remember that when we eat, we first eat with our eyes. A cheese plate should look appealing and inviting. You’ll also want to include various textures and flavors to delight your taste buds. It should call out to your guests, “I’m delicious! See what I have to offer!”

Don’t overlook a cheeses presentation

If you’re a fan of cooking competition shows, you know that presentation is crucial when it comes to first impressions. Here are some general tips:

1. Create volume. Don’t just have a flat plate, reach for the sky!

2. Use something fresh. This can include fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Have fun and experiment with new combinations.

3. Include 3 or more colors on the plate. Nothing is worse than a white plate full of grey food. Make it pop!

4. Don’t be afraid of empty space. Cramming everything together can make it look like a jumbled mess.

Up your overall culinary game

While cheese is certainly the star of the cheese plate, it is a fantastic addition to a meal as an appetizer or dessert. If you’re looking for more ways to become a boss in the kitchen, there are plenty of opportunities to learn more as seen here.

Technology really makes it easy to learn various skills from virtually anywhere you have an internet connection. Cheese is something we can use to elevate dishes and celebrate other ingredients. Incorporating other skills will allow you to unlock its full potential. 

Pair it up


Cheese is one of the most versatile ingredients out there because it goes so well with so many different things.

Everyone knows that cheese and wine are a match made in heaven. Whether it’s paired with a deep red like zinfandel or a sweet, summery rose, the flavors are sure to impress.

Go forth and eat cheese

Now that you’re armed with some more information, you can start to take the next steps on your journey to reach the pinnacle of the cheese world. Be sure to keep these ideas in mind as you go to different markets in search of new and delicious cheeses.

Visit the deli and talk with the staff behind the counter to see if they have any recommendations. If you follow the advice in this post, you will be upping your cheese game in no time!