Cutting The Curd – Curd Cutting Tool And How To Use

Cutting The Curd - What Curd Cutting Tool - Cheese Curd Cutter Or Curd Knife


This post is Part 4 of the continued basic home cheese making instructions. See the Curd Nerd Beginner Page or the Basic Instructions category for previous parts.

You’ve waited patiently, letting the Rennet do it’s thing and now you have a lovely firm, set curd.

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How To Add Cheese Starter Cultures

how to add cheese starter cultures

Cheese starter cultures are a form of bacteria used in the production of cheese. They are added to the milk at the start of the cheese making process (not for all cheeses though, there are exceptions such as Haloumi) in order to determine taste, smell, texture and mouth feel.

The main cheese starter cultures are Thermophilic and Mesophilic. Thermophilic cultures can handle being heated to higher temperatures, Mesophilic cultures  suffers at higher temperatures.

There are also specific culture strains made by commercial manufacturers which fall into each of these types (Therm and Meso) and each subtly changes the results you will get with your cheese. Your recipe should tell you which culture type you need.

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