Cheese And Chocolate Pairings You Never Thought Would Be Delicious

Cheese and Chocolate

Cheese and Chocolate have been used independently in the culinary industry for numerous years.

They have also been paired regardless of their distinct physical characteristics and taste, which may make it seem like a bad idea to combine them.

Both chocolate and cheese come in a variety of types depending on their tastes and aroma.

The most popular varieties of chocolate are dark chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate and milk chocolate that is popularly called white chocolate.

The common types of cheese available are goat cheese, cheddar cheese, mozzarella, blue cheese and cream cheese; the list is inexhaustible. It has proven that the results of the combination are worth it.

Some of the pairing may sound odd, but I bet you will definitely love them once you have a taste. Below are some of the pairings that many consider weird, but are actually worth your while.

Milk chocolate and cream cheese

Chocolate and Cream Cheese

You are probably wondering why anyone on earth would combine milk chocolate with cream cheese.

This pairing is made by melting the milk chocolate and combining it with the cheese to make a cream cheese frosting that can be used to top pastries. The taste is simply amazing.

You can also use the melted combination of milk chocolate and cream cheese mixed with water to form a dipping for frostings. The dipped frostings are then frozen and can be served as a cold desert after a hot summer lunch.

Unsweetened chocolate and cream cheese fudge

Pairing dark chocolate with cream cheese may sound like a bad idea because of the slightly bitter taste of dark chocolate. Contrary to that ideology, the pairing results in a tangy fudge.

The best dark chocolate to use is the granules pure cacao, natural and unsweetened chocolate which you can find in popular supermarkets.

You can also add nuts such as hazelnut, peanuts or even almonds to give the fudge a crunchy feel. The taste of this fudge is tantalizing enough to spike your taste buds to say the least.

Blue cheese and dark Chocolate

Blue Cheese And Chocolate

Quite odd when you think about it, right? You can prepare this pairing by simply cutting a bar of chocolate into small squares and spreading homemade blue cheese on the squares without melting it.

The procedure is that simple. Use the best dark chocolate available to enhance the quality of the dessert.

Some people find blue cheese unpalatable once they discover that its appearance is as a result of a special type of aging mould.

But that is what makes its taste special when combined with dark chocolate. The pairing of dark chocolate and blue cheese can be mixed with cornstarch and almonds.

You then bake the resultant mixture for a few minutes and the result of a fancied French dessert, referred to as Coulant which is characterized by its slightly peppery taste.

Mozzarella cheese and dark chocolate beverage

Chocolate and Cheese

Your favorite pizza topping can also be used in a beverage. This may seem weird to many but believe you me, it is delectable.

This beverage is made by melting bitter Colombian chocolate in skimmed milk and adding solid homemade mozzarella cheese cubes to it.

It forms a thick paste-like drink that is best served while still hot.

This beverage is popularly known as Chocolate con queso. It has mild salty cheese tastes complimented with chocolate and sugar; it is definitely worth savouring.

Semi-sweet chocolate and goat cheese

Goat cheese is unpopular among many people due to its slightly pungent smell and tart taste. I am almost certain that if they tried pairing it with semi-sweet chocolate, they would definitely yearn for more.

The duo can be melted and used as a stuffing for dates to form a dessert.

You can also melt the cheese and chocolate and combine it with heavy milk cream and freeze it to make a low sugar ice cream that is considered a healthier option as compared to normal ice cream.

It is now an obvious fact that cheese and chocolate pairings are definitely ingredients that cannot disappoint.

It is however worth noting that in light of the large variety of both ingredients, you have to be careful to pair them appropriate proportions to ensure the taste is worth it.

It only requires you to be creative and try new pairings frequently and enjoy the medley of flavors.