How to Upgrade Your Favourite Meals With Cheese

Cheese consumption varies across the world, with Australians eating 13.6 kg per person every year, Americans each devouring 16.73 kg annually, and the Danish consuming 28.1 kg per person per year.

But if you’re a cheese enthusiast there’s no need to hold back on how much cheese you eat or avoid adding it to certain meals as it makes a great accompaniment to almost any dish, including these much-loved ones.

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Best Cheese for Pizza! Ultimate Guide | Everything You Need To Know

Best Cheese For Pizza

The best cheese for pizza brings your pizza to life, melting enticingly, tasting sensational and smelling delectable – bringing Italy’s most famous dish to life! 

Here’s our ultimate guide to cheese for your pizza, from different types of cheese to what toppings work best together to even how to make your own cheese at home.

Best Cheese for Pizza! Ultimate Guide _ Everything You Need To Know
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Why Pancakes are Not Complete Without Cheese?

Pancakes with Cheese Recipe

There’s nothing quite like a fresh stack of pancakes for breakfast, topped with your favorite combination of fruits and syrup. But not everyone has a sweet tooth, especially not first thing in the morning.

Luckily, there are quite a variety of savory pancakes that will tantalize your taste buds. From potato pancakes, savory crepes, and cheesy pancakes with the right selection of cheeses, they will make a great alternative to sweet toppings on your pancakes, and also make your meal far more nutritious. 

Here’s why you need to start adding cheese to your pancakes. 

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