Low Carb Diets and Cheese For Beginners

Starting a diet can be an overwhelming task if you don’t know where to start first. Luckily, this helpful guide will brief you about low-carb diets as well as the many ways you can implement them. Read on below to find out if it’s the right one for you. 

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Instant Dishes You Can Stir Up A Bit With Cheese

Recipes with home made cheese

So you’re busy with work, and your lifestyle just can’t handle the cooking. Then instant dishes are the thing for you! It’s great that you can whip up something delicious, quick and prepared in a very short time with ease. Also, if you’re a cheese lover, then take a look at some of the best cheesy meals that you can cook below.

No More Hassle In The Kitchen

Did you know that most people order takeout just because they don’t have time or the energy to cook for themselves? This is why the instant food recipes are so popular nowadays. And everyone loves cheese, it makes food taste so much better most of the time. There are so many different recipes out there that can be prepared in a very short time.

You can ask your friends or family about them, or you could check different books or websites with Insta pot recipes that you can learn to make. And add a little cheese on it and you got yourself a perfect meal. No more wasting money on fast food joints and you don’t have to worry about possibly getting sick from the food. Enjoy a home-cooked meal instead, you would be so much happier.

Instant Pot Macaroni And Cheese

If you’re in the mood for some pasta, and you have some cheese in your fridge, then let’s make some Mac and Cheese! One of the easiest things that you can make if you’re short on time and want something tasty to eat.

You just need any kind of shredded cheese, I prefer Gouda or Emmental mixed with some Monterey Jack Cheese, depending on your preference, the pasta of your choice also. Use your pot to melt some butter first before adding it all in, and you got yourself a nice creamy meal done in such a short time.

Homemade cheese recipes

Instant Cheesy Chicken, Broccoli And Rice  

If you want people to lay off your back about not eating enough vegetables, then tell them about this easy chicken broccoli mix. Just get your pot ready, have some rice and chicken broth mixed together first. Then get your cut broccoli and chicken bits ready and drop them in there, stir it up real nice and shower it with the cheese of your choice, I prefer a Gruyere, Parmesan or Vacchino Romano . Mixing it all together and dinner is ready just like that.

Cheesy Rice And Vegetables

A lot of people have problems with cooking rice, preparing it might be tricky because sometimes it can come out mushy or crunchy. But with this instant pot way, all your cooking problems will go out the window. Enjoy this healthy rice and veggie mix and guess what, you can add all the cheese you want in there so go crazy! 

Southern Hot Dog Chili

Making your own hot dog chili is so easy and much better than using the canned kinds. Who would have thought that you can make an amazing chili hot dog with the instant pot way, saving so much time and effort. Dip your hot dogs in there, get your loaf of bread and rest that delicious hot dog in it and cover it all with as much Manchego cheese as you want.

Taco Pasta With Cheese

When you’ve got a hankering for some Mexican food, this Taco pasta is the choice for you. The normal way of making pasta and adding queso fresco cheese in the mix, but you add the extra Taco seasoning salsa. You can make your own or buy some packets from the store. A delicious meal that would make you come for more!

Best Home Made Recipes with cheese

Creamy Cajun Pasta With Sausages

If you want a meal that is filled with flavor, then you should start making this scrumptious dish. It has Andouille sausage or a smoky Kielbasa, mixed together with a Cajun spice blend. Then stirring it all together with your pasta while adding some cream cheese in the mix. One of the most popular recipes in the world because of its amazing taste. 

Creamy Crack Chicken With Bacon

A mouthwatering combination of chicken, bacon, cream cheese and ranch seasoning. This recipe would make anyone go crazy. It’s a delicious low carb meal and a perfect choice for people that are doing the Keto diet. Chicken and cheese lovers will have a blast from this meal.

Cooking Made Easy

Now that you are aware of these delicious and mouthwatering dishes, you can’t resist making them yourself. The best part about it is that you won’t waste time at all if you constantly have busy days, and of course it’s healthier than ordering takeout. Enjoy having a full belly after eating some of the best cheesy dishes out there.

Best Cream Cheese Frosting Recipes

best cream cheese frosting recipe

You can make frosting better with good old fashioned cream cheese! It has the perfect texture and alluring colour to create an amazing frosting experience.

Dish Guide: Every Cheese Lover Needs To Know

Doesn’t cheese just make everything taste better? With over a thousand different types—and origins predating recorded history—it’s one of the kitchen staples most of us can’t get enough of.

If you share our passion for some oozy goodness, take a look at our list for a selection of popular cheese classics from various cuisines around the world.

Making Cheese At Home Beginners Guide

Making Cheese At Home Beginners Guide
Tips On Producing Great Preserved Cheese

From simple cheese sandwiches to more striking, extraordinary cheese in specialty restaurants, lots of people just can’t do without some sort of cheese in their routine diet.

Cheese And Chocolate Pairings You Never Thought Would Be Delicious

Chocolate and Cheese

Cheese and Chocolate

Cheese and Chocolate have been used independently in the culinary industry for numerous years.

They have also been paired regardless of their distinct physical characteristics and taste, which may make it seem like a bad idea to combine them.

New Feature On Curd-Nerd

cheese making forum

NewThere’s something new going on here at Curd-Nerd.

We’ve been working on this project for a while and, now, we think it’s ready to share with you.

It’s our new forum feature.

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Is Cheese Making Seasonal?

Is Cheese Making Seasonal? Seasonal Cheese

Last night we had the first frost of the coming Winter season.

And it was a good one. At -5º Celsius overnight the ground was icy white by this morning.

The first frost always signals a few changes for me. The frost cloths go on the citrus trees in our edible garden, the Yams get dug over after the first frost kills off the tops of the plants, and I prepare to get the Garlic planted to grow over the Winter.

It’s also my signal to stop making cheese for the Winter. Read more