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    Roger B

    Repeated from “Equipment”

    I am new to cheesemaking but I wanted to make a cheese cave from a domestic fridge without touching or modifying any of the standard thermostats/wiring.
    I finally found this TIMETOP 200-240V Digital Temperature Controller Thermocouple -40 °C to 120 °C with Sensor” target=”_blank”> on
    This little device allows you to set a temperature and then switches the power on and off within a preset threshold of that temperature.
    I wired a plug, via length of cable, to the device and then wired the output to a socket into which I plugged the fridge.
    I set the temperature to 13 deg C and located the temperature sensor inside the fridge.
    Bingo! The temperature is maintained between 12 degs C and 14 degs C. If I want to use another fridge I just unplug – relocate – plug in and Bingo! once again.
    Of course the inside light does not come on unless the device has switched on.

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    I looked at these also but settled for this;

    It’s only £7 including postage from Hong Kong. OK you need to buy some adapters for the socket and the fridge but it works a treat.


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