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    Ann Nash1

    Hello has anyone used cheese coating instead of wax or vacuum sealing?

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    you mean like a bandage on cheddar? My buddy did that. Pretty gross with mould and stuff but he assures me its allright underneath the wrapping. he did a layer of lard, then cheese cloth (a round on the top and bottom, then a strip around the perimetre). then repeat.

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    Ann, I have used almost everything. I have had the typical problems with wax and experimented with cloth and lard. I also used a couple different cream waxes with some degree of success. I believe they work best with higher fat content cheeses as you have a defined barier to separate the coating when it’s time. Low fat cheese’s tend to dry the coating into the cheese surfaces and you have to cut it off after several months. This is a small price to pay for well aged cheese.

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    Hello, I do have a question about coating hard cheeses mit herbs like dried rosemarin or thyme. Does the coating stick to the cheese for the ripening time if that takes around 6 months? And is there anything added into the herbs to make them stick? I’ve read that for salami sometimes they will use gellatine, but i guess it would go bad with cheese because of the moistere.

    Ok, i hope somebody can help me out here.

    Thank You for all the interesting content
    Greetings from Germany

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