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    Hi, looking for troubleshooting help on some cheese I made today. I make cheese at a small creamery & use fresh goat milk from the farm that has been pasteurized. Today we made 2 different types of cheese (feta & cabra al vino) in separate vats simultaneously. When checking for a clean break, we found that the curd had pulled away from the sides of the vat & was surrounded by whey, & the curd was very soft. But more than soft, it was granular looking & barely had any structure. We even left each to coagulate a bit longer than usual. The feta curd was soupy but had definition of curd from whey. We hung the curd & it did seem to knit together. Will see how it looks when we take it out of the bags.

    The cabra is a washed curd so I went ahead & wheyed off & added hot water to bring curd eventually to 102 & let it settle. Although the curd was different than what I usually get, it wanted to meld together & hopefully will press ok.

    In trying to figure out what went wrong, we tried the following:
    1. tested the rennet, it passed
    2. used digital thermometer so temp was correct
    3. both vats affected – milk for feta was pasteurized day before & held in fridge.Milk for cabra was pasteurized in vat before making cheese as we’ve done numerous times.
    4. Milk not collustrom milk _ we made feta previous week with same milk with no problem

    Any ideas to help us pinpoint the culprit would be appreciated. We have made these cheeses numerous times without this problem.


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